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Philippines Full Report

Philippines Full Report offers comprehensive assessment and in-depth information on any Philippine company. A powerful business intelligence report which includes information such as financial information, business activities, bank references, linkages, and trade check. This report contains CRIF score to empower your business decisions.
The available report options are Online and Fresh reports. The Online reports are produced instantly from CRIF database and fresh reports are produced based on the fresh investigation.


  • Firmographics: basic business information such as business registration details, legal form, business address, number of employees, and all related business details needed to classify companies.
  • Principals: details on ownership, management, and key business personnel
  • Registered Charges: publicly available court case list on the company and its principal officers, covering past and present legal charges.
  • Financial Information: three-year comprehensive financial analysis delivering views and detailed insight into a company’s financial health and performance
  • Bank References: name, address, branch of the bank used by the company, if available.
  • Operations Related Information: details of the company’s business activities, including imports and exports and sales territory
  • Trade Check: exclusive information proving an overview of a company’s payment performance; helping you create a smart credit decision
  • Corporate Linkages: linkages and relationships across different parts of a corporate family tree, giving you insights on business opportunities and scope of risk exposure
  • Company Registration History: data about the company’s registrations and legal structures, as well as major changes or significant legal events such as changes in officers, capitals, or acquisitions.
  • Current Investigation Findings: current and latest investigations that you need to know based on interviews and business analyst findings
  • CRIF Score: score to predict a company’s future financial vulnerability. It is a scorecard that utilizes both financial and non-financial information to understand risk level.